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Save The Malayan Tiger Campaign

The Malayan Tiger is an endangered species, with fewer than 150 left in the wild. The question remains, have we done enough to protect our Malayan Tigers? Despite our efforts to save our national icon, they are still on the brink of extinction. In conserving the tigers, we are not just saving a particular species but also our endangered ecosystem. It is time to participate in the Save The Malayan Tiger campaign as they are the keystone species of the Malaysian forest.

Malayan Tiger Population

The Malayan Tigers have physical traits that allow them to hunt down any prey in the rainforests easily. Their black stripes on orange fur will enable them to perfectly camouflage in the jungle. However, the tigers’ majestic physical traits and strength are no match for the weapons and tools used viciously by poachers.

Save The Malayan Tiger Campaign

The Save The Malayan Tiger campaign is a conservation campaign established by the Crown Prince of Pahang (Pemangku Raja Pahang), HRH Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah. The campaign aims to raise awareness and funds for tiger conversation while educating people about the importance of protecting the Malayan Tigers.

Save The Malayan Tiger Campaign #1 – The Pahang Wildlife Ranger Unit

They are also responsible for preserving a large area of land in Pahang to ensure no illegal activities are happening. They will conduct surveys, reports, and analysis to push efforts towards a total eradication of poaching and trafficking of tiger parts.

Save The Malayan Tiger Campaign #2 – Prevention Of Wildlife Syndicates

It is absolutely crucial that all of us participate in the conservation efforts that halt wildlife syndicates. The attempt to curb poaching and illegal trade activities will only succeed if taken seriously. The number of Malayan Tigers has plunged due to poaching and illegal hunting. Nevertheless, we can stop the poaching of the Malayan Tigers through various initiatives with the help of the wildlife crime task force from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan), Royal Malaysian Police, Armed Forces, Maritime Enforcement Agency, and other non-governmental organizations and the private sector. Doing so will help increase the Malayan Tigers’ population in the wild.

People Coming Together to Save the World

Save The Malayan Tiger Campaign #3 – Community Engagement

We want to raise awareness of this critical issue and encourage the public to support our Save The Malayan Tiger campaign. After all, protecting the Malayan Tigers requires the involvement of not just the state authorities and stakeholders, but a whole-of-society approach which addresses the key issues that are driving their decline. We have to work together now, before it is too late for these innocent and majestic creatures.

A Malayan Tiger on A Rock