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Protecting The Malayan Tiger

The Malayan Tiger – Malaysian Pride To Protect

Once found in every part of southern Asia, only a few hundred remain in the wild. The Panthera Tigris Jacksoni, more commonly known as the Malayan Tiger, is critically endangered, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The number of tigers in the wild is decreasing quickly due to poaching, forest degradation, fragmentation, and traditional Chinese medicine. This issue has become more critical than ever. So, what are the steps to protect these majestic creature?

Protecting The Malayan Tigers Habitats

The Malayan Tigers are on the red list as there are no pockets of forest with an estimated population of 50 or more mature tigers. They need colossal forest areas to survive as they spread throughout the Malaysian forest within protected areas such as national parks and state parks.

As the human population continues to grow, we are encroaching on the habitats of many species. Excessive logging has ruined most of the rainforest, which is now used for agricultural purposes. Habitat fragmentation and commercial exploitation have caused the loss of natural prey like deer, wild boar and wild cattle, which contribute to a severe threat to the survival of the Malayan Tiger. To protect these habitats and the species that live in the forest, wildlife reserves must be established and managed with utmost care and integrity.

Why Must We Protect The Malayan Tiger?

The Malayan Tiger is an apex predator and keystone species that is important for the entire ecosystem. By protecting them, we conserve the forest habitat, biodiversity, and the food chain that supports them. With the Malayan Tiger on the brink of extinction, we are bound to suffer due to the widespread habitat loss and fragmentation.

Without a proper balance in the ecosystem, many natural settings will be disrupted. By protecting the endangered Malayan Tigers, we are protecting more than one species.

It Is Now Or Never

The Malayan Tiger represents strength, fearlessness, and courage, but the species is now threatened and highly endangered.  Do we want to be known as the generation that failed to protect the Malayan Tiger? We need to act now and do more to stop the rapid decline in the number of Malayan Tigers. We must come together to protect and preserve our national icon.