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Save The Malayan Tiger is a Malaysian conservation campaign led by the Regent of Pahang.

HRH Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah aimed to protect the tigers in the state of Pahang and their ecosystem through the collaborative efforts of local Pahang citizens and organizations.

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Our Campaign

Tigers are known as the national symbol of Malaysia, representing bravery and strength. It is our utmost priority to conserve the species and ensure their well-being. We must act accordingly to ensure that future generations can witness the majestic Malayan tiger with their own eyes. We aim to help both tigers and humans to coexist peacefully.

Save The Malayan Tiger campaign aims to help create public awareness alongside conserving our tigers in their precious habitat. Extensive poaching and illegal deforestation are considerable threats to the species’ survival. As the human population grows, so does the danger to the tigers. Our efforts to save individual tigers in Pahang and reintroduce them to their natural habitat contribute to the overall sustainability of the species.

Join us to help conserve our majestic Malaysian icon in Pahang.

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Our Malayan Tigers
Need Us

By saving the tigers in Pahang, we also help preserve human needs by conserving natural resources essential to the ecosystem.


We prioritize the conservation of the Malayan Tiger as one of the nation’s most endangered species through campaigns using various approaches. The wild population of these magnificent creatures is dwindling at an alarming rate. This has tremendous ramifications for our ecology since tigers play an essential part in it. Save The Malayan Tiger aims to secure the Malayan Tigers’ ecosystem by preserving the Malayan Tigers in Pahang as a treasured national symbol in the country.

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When we say we want to save the tigers in Pahang, we mean saving the species in its natural habitat. Our vision is to establish coexistence between tigers and humans for them to thrive in their habitat. In conserving our Malayan Tigers in Pahang, we are able to make efforts to preserve the overall biodiversity of Pahang.


Our mission is to promote and support the conservation of Malayan Tigers in Pahang by collaborating with experts in other tiger range nations to gather and share expertise. We aim to ensure that the tigers and their ecosystems are protected by implementing effective processes conducted thorough due diligence.

Threats Affecting Our
Malayan Tigers
in Pahang

It is illegal to hunt tigers in their natural habitat. Despite this, poaching is a significant contributor to the species’ plight.

We Fight to Preserve the Malayan Tigers

It has taken only a century to decimate more than 90% of the world’s tiger population. Hunting, poaching, habitat loss, deforestation, and a lack of prey are the most critical threats to the tiger’s survival. In addition, large feline species in Malaysia struggle to survive within their natural ecosystems due to a scarcity of prey options. The overuse of forest resources, intensive farming, and animal grazing also have contributed to their demise. There are also other issues, such as forest fragmentation where male tigers are isolated from females in other areas which hinders reproduction and weakens the gene pool. More tragically of late, there have also been cases of tigers sickened by diseases that were not present before. The tiger population is currently too low to be viable in the long term if urgent action is not taken.

We Are Committed To Doing What Is Necessary

Therefore, we aim to mitigate threats to the tigers in Pahang by dealing with illicit wildlife trafficking, expanding the area protected by anti-poaching actions, facilitating community cohabitation and reducing conflict, and helping preserve and protect habitats through the promotion of better land-use management that enables tiger survival.

Restore The Roar of Our Malayan Tigers in Pahang

Our ground-based conservation partners are devoted and competent organizations with a profound awareness of the environments they work in, fostering mutual respect and appreciation over many years.

Numbers of people who have taken action to conserve biodiversity by protecting their ecosystem in Pahang.
Acres of land cleared by illegal deforestation every year to satisfy human greed globally.
Million hectares of land per year are destroyed due to deforestation within their natural habitat globally.

How We Help

Every day, we are bombarded with stories about the havoc humans have inflicted on animals and our planet; stories about the species’ extinctions and the disappearance of natural habitats.

We can rescue the majestic tigers if we fully commit to the conservation steps outlined in the campaign. In doing so, we will protect Pahang’s precious biodiversity, which provides crucial ecosystems for our people’s well-being.

Conserving Our Malayan Tigers in Pahang

We are helping build a highly effective community defense force in Pahang, Malaysia. We have stepped forward to serve as the first line of defense by motivating and involving the local community.

How We Do It

Save The Malayan Tiger, led by HRH Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah, the Regent of the state of Pahang, is working to stop illegal poaching by working with a national coalition and spreading awareness about the plight of the endangered species. Action must be taken for the Malayan Tiger population to grow to a size where it can be sustained for the foreseeable future. It is time to restore the roar of our majestic icon for the sustainability of our future generations.

Let’s Help the Endangered Species Today

Maintaining the species’ population at lower trophic levels is a critical role played by all animals at the top of the food chain.

Support Our Weekly Campaigns to Save The Malayan Tiger in Pahang

We aim to deepen the understanding of conserving our tigers’ habitat by using various approaches toward building the coexistence of tigers and humans in Malaysia. We value your support towards our weekly campaigns by helping us create awareness of the importance of sustaining nature’s ecosystem.