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Save Tigers Information – Everything You Need To Know

Save Tigers Information – The Issue

The biggest threat to the world’s remaining tigers is illegal poaching. Logically, with the supply increasing, it can only mean that there is a demand for these illegal products. If there is no demand, there will not be any poaching. However, to satisfy their needs, the poacher’s approach is becoming vicious as they would break and tear every inch of the tiger’s body parts – from whiskers to tail, they will trade it in the illegal wildlife market. Prolonging this will put the species under tremendous pressure, and they are steps away from extinction. The Panthera Tigris Jacksoni, more commonly known as the Malayan Tiger (Harimau Malaya), is currently categorized as critically endangered according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The Malayan Tigers (Harimau Malaya) are on the red list as there are no pockets of forest in Malaysia, with an estimated population of 50 or more mature tigers.

Save Tigers Information – What is Pahang Doing To Save The Malayan Tigers

The Pemangku Raja Pahang, HRH Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah Sultan Abdullah has made a commitment to the conservation of the Malayan Tiger in Pahang, including the establishment of the Pahang Wildlife Committee under the Pahang State Biodiversity Council, which leads the concerted efforts to combat poaching activities in the state.

Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of the youths making full use of information on saving the tigers to educate and spread awareness to the public about the significance of the Malayan Tiger.  The aim is to ensure that the forest ecosystem is protected and to overcome the threats that the Malayan Tigers (Harimau Malaya) are facing.

“If we can work together to protect the Malayan Tiger, not only will this animal population increase, but we will succeed in saving the forests that have a rich biodiversity, especially in Pahang,” said the Pemangku Raja Pahang.

Save Tigers Information – The Solution

The Pemangku Raja Pahang pledged that he would do his best to bring the Malayan Tiger back from the brink of extinction. The Pemangku Raja Pahang has gathered and collaborated information on how best to save the tigers, one of which was to secure royal patronage for the Pahang Wildlife Patrol Unit. The Pahang Wildlife Patrol Unit has been set up to protect wildlife and the holistic environment in Pahang. Their role is to monitor and carry out enforcement under the Wildlife Act. Together with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan), the Pahang government has committed fully to establishing the Malayan Tiger Conservation Centre (MTCC) in Kuala Gandah, Lanchang. This effort is to ensure that the habitat of all tiger species in Pahang are protected from any activities that violate the law, especially hunting and deforestation.

Save Tigers Information – What Can We Do To Save The Tigers?

There are many ways to support the effort to save the Malayan Tigers (Harimau Malaysia),  and one of the ways is to educate ourselves and learn about the importance of the tigers, their habitat, and the challenges they face. We cannot be complacent, as a lack of action could lead us to never seeing the sight of tigers in the future ever again. It is up to our society to educate and share information on how best to save the tigers while creating awareness at the same time.

Illegal poaching and deforestation need to be reported to the higher authority and not be taken lightly, even if we are not affected by it. Our responsibility is to ensure that the tigers are protected from poachers, illegal logging, and unauthorized developers.  They have been hunted for their beautiful coats, meat, and bones for hundreds of years. The forest is their home, and we as humans need to learn how to respect that. We must not allow the forest to be destroyed. Each development project must be implemented sustainably according to the concept of the environment. We must help preserve the Malayan Tiger (Harimau Malaysia) from extinction.

A Malayan Tiger Walking Across a River

Save Tigers Information – Why is it important?

The realization is essential not only for the survival of tigers but other wildlife as well. The existence of tigers is also important for the health and prosperity of the nation’s ecosystem. Sustainability of the ecosystem, including flood management, carbon sequestration, water purification, agricultural pollination, and livelihoods for local communities, are all integral components of a healthy ecosystem.

The Pahang Forest Conservation and Biodiversity Conservation Project play a central role in these efforts as Pahang has the largest forest area in Peninsular Malaysia and is also home to the largest tiger habitat. However, no single forest or state in Malaysia is large enough to support a viable tiger population. The connectivity between different forests is an important trait for species survival. Viable populations of the Malayan Tigers are only possible if action is taken to protect the country’s most important ecological corridor.

Save Tigers Information – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the mission is to save and preserve the tigers for our future generations.  The actions we take today will impact generations to come. For the sake of the nation’s honor and survival, we must protect the Malayan Tiger.

A Wide-Shot of A Forest in Pahang