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Save The Tiger Campaign: Selamatkan Harimau Malaya

The Malayan Tigers are amongst the most powerful and magnificent wild creatures in the world.
We keep saying “Selamatkan Harimau Malaya”  or, in other words, Save The Malayan Tiger, but what are we really doing to save the Malayan Tiger? With their numbers rapidly decreasing, we cannot afford to ignore their plight any longer.

There is a saying, “if you love a flower, do not pluck it. Because if you do, it ceases to be what you love,” and if you love the Malayan Tiger, let it be free. Love is not about possession, it is about appreciation, and we as a nation should learn to appreciate the creature.

Close-Up Shot of a Malayan Tiger

The Impact of Malayan Tigers On The Forest

To have a better understanding on how to save the Malayan Tiger (Selamatkan Harimau Malaya), we must look at the impact these animals have on its surrounding environment. The Malayan tiger is threatened by habitat loss and human encroachment. Habitat loss has led to fragmentation of the species’ range, which affects their breeding as it requires interconnected tracts of suitable habitat to maintain a healthy breeding population. Habitat loss is driven by commercial plantation expansion and resource extraction projects. A reduced roaming ground would affect the hunting ability of the tigers. With the decreasing population of the Malayan tiger, it has affected the balance of the wildlife habitat. An imbalanced ecosystem will have a negative impact on the forest’s ability to reduce carbon emissions, which will contribute to climate change.​​ As our landscape changes, it will have consequences on the stream’s health. This is because forested watersheds improve water quality and help with water storage. This naturally regulates stream flows while reducing flood damage. Through this, we can see that both wild animals and humans rely on forests to provide a healthy flow of freshwater.

If the Malayan Tiger were to go extinct, it would create a disruption to the natural order of the forests.  The Malayan Tiger is a keystone species, as they help the ecosystem by maintaining the balance between the interactions of predators, herbivores, and plant diversity.

Joining Forces To Save The Malayan Tiger (Selamatkan Harimau Malaya)

To ensure the future of the tigers, it is important to conserve and protect their habitat.

In conjunction with some other global and national initiatives to save the tigers, the Regent of Pahang, HRH Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah has led the Save The Malayan Tiger Campaign, which is a campaign aimed to protect the Malayan tigers in Pahang. This effort includes the protection and conservation of the natural habitat of these tigers. The initiative is mobilized through the collaborative efforts of local Pahang citizens and organizations. Through this engagement, the campaign has created the Pahang Wildlife Ranger Unit to monitor the movements of poachers and any behavioral activities of the Malayan tigers. The effort to save the Malayan Tiger (Selamatkan Harimau Malaya) has been a priority with putting forest rangers in place to monitor and patrol the forest while removing snares at the same time. With these recovery efforts in place, and with the support and collaboration of the public as well as subject matter and experts, there is hope that we can steer the growth of the Malayan tiger population in the right direction.

Selamatkan Harimau Malaya: Save The Tigers

The Malayan Tiger is a unique species that needs to be preserved for its habitat and food sources to remain intact. If we continue to disregard the issues of the Malayan Tigers, our planet’s biodiversity and other species’ survival rates could be negatively affected. It is important now more than ever, for us to act together to Save The Malayan Tiger.